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Olathe smooth ostrich

Olathe smooth ostrich 16" tall top dark green top C heel oxbow composite sole for longer wear New "O" toe single stitched welt Made for work and play nice all around boot. Click on image for more pictures

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SKU 254794Reg. Price $429.00 $399.00 On Sale!
254795 ls
Olathe chestnut black hawk

New from cbyboots chestnut black hawk vamp,16" top new "O" toe TP heel oxbow sole for longer wear. A good looking boot made for work or play. pull holes scallop top and spur ridge. The texas polo heel for the guys that do not want the under slung heel.

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SKU 254795Reg. Price $439.00 $379.00 On Sale!

16" Olathe elite tan orly vamp 4D heel, cutter toe leather sole navy 16" top with diamond inlays and collar make this boot a real eye catcher. special run of E width only won't last long let us know if you want a pair today.

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SKU 255267Reg. Price $519.00 $389.00 On Sale!
Olathe rough out

Olathe rough out with 17" top scallop front and back oxbow composite sole with mid sole

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SKU 255388Reg. Price $429.00 $349.00 On Sale!
smoked mesquite rough out with composite sole nitrine mid sole #4 heel 16" tall top with collar made for the everyday cowboy to use. Designed for durability, Hand lasted out of the finest cowboy leathers we could muster. This design is exclusive to us and cannot be found in other stores. Hope you like our new styles you might also check out Fenoglio style#1136
SKU 256414Reg. Price $449.00 $379.00 On Sale!
gray rough out
gray vamp rough out vamp with "O" toe neoprene mid sole #4 LB heel Oxbow composite sole 16" dark green top makes this boot a new addition to our line up we are proud of. Try it you will like it
SKU 256413Reg. Price $439.00 $379.00 On Sale!
Olathe smooth ostrich
This Olathe boot is made with smooth ostrich vamp, 17" top 1.5" heel, Cutter toe, spur ledge and composite Oxbow sole for longer wear. the smooth ostrich is a durable leather yet very comfortable to wear all day. We have had good luck and great response to this combination For work or Play you should enjoy these
SKU 256814Reg. Price $449.00 $349.00 On Sale!
Fenoglio tall top
This is a Fenoglio tall top rough out 17" with collar 1 1/2" heel O toe Composite feed lot sole. This boot is designed to be used everyday. the Fenoglio boot is made in America and made to our specs. Try them and let us know what you think you might also like Olathe style #256414
SKU 1136Reg. Price $359.00 $289.00 On Sale!
Olathe elephant
great looking Elephant boot with 16" black tall top, low 1 5/8 heel and oxbow composite sole for longer wear. You will like this one for everyday and church on Sunday
SKU 256927Reg. Price $549.00 $499.00 On Sale!
anderson bean chocolate pig

Anderson Bean chocolate pig vamp with kid skin 16" top, spur rest, square toe, made to work in everyday.it has the highbrid sole with nitrene mid sole for better protection against hard use. flatter heel for foot work great boot give it a try

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SKU 0845Reg. Price $429.00 $379.00 On Sale!
Anderson Bean

Anderson Bean tall top stove pipe with collar A heel Oxbow sole we have this boot in several smaller sizes for the ladies as well. made with a cow hide called white tail and has a thunderbird vegas top. The white collar and side welt set this one apart

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SKU 7388Reg. Price $429.00 $339.00 On Sale!
Fenoglio tall top
This is a new brand for cby they are made in the USA and the style is designed by CBY This boot has a 17" tall top 1 1/4" heel with spur rest wide square toe, double stich welt, composite sole for longer wear. This one is designed to wear everyday in all conditions. Try them out and let me know what you think. you might also like Anderson Bean Style #7356 check them out
SKU 1134Reg. Price $359.00 $289.00 On Sale!
Fenoglio tall top
This boot is a new brand for CBY it is made in America and designed by us. 17" orange top, composite sole 1 1/2 heel single stich welt square toe try these and let us know what you think, Made for everyday use you might also like Anderson Bean style #1553
SKU 1133Reg. Price $359.00 $289.00 On Sale!
Fenoglio tall top boot
16" stove pipe top made by the Fenoglio Boot co. in the USA designed by CBY boots this boot has a small square toe, composite feed lot sole for longer wear pull holes, cushion insole, try them let us know what you think you might also check out the Olathe 251781 as similar
SKU 1135Reg. Price $359.00 $289.00 On Sale!
mesquite rough out
mesquite rough out 17" tall ws toe 1 1/2 " long base heel hand made by Olathe boot should make a great boot for everyday wear. the longer you wear them the punchier they get. spur rest x deep scallop on top
SKU 256817Reg. Price $499.00 $349.00 On Sale!
blue safari shark
17" top, "O" toe 1 1/2" long base heel with spur rest, shark skin, composite sole, for long lasting wear for work or play If you want some thing different that will be durable for everyday use this is the one for you.
SKU 256815Reg. Price $550.00 $469.00 On Sale!
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