Tall Top Boots

Here at CBYBOOTS.com we know the difficulty of finding high quality unique design in a tall top boot.  We have put together a collection of tall tops by our expert designers.

Check out our tall top collection of Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean and Olathe boots.  The best of Mercedes boot companies.

Olathe elephant
great looking Elephant boot with 16" black tall top, low 1 5/8 heel and oxbow composite sole for longer wear. You will like this one for everyday and church on Sunday
SKU 256927Reg. Price $549.00 $499.00 On Sale!
Anderson Bean

Anderson Bean tall top stove pipe with collar A heel Oxbow sole we have this boot in several smaller sizes for the ladies as well. made with a cow hide called white tail and has a thunderbird vegas top. The white collar and side welt set this one apart

Click picture for more details

SKU 7388Reg. Price $429.00 $339.00 On Sale!
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