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Here at CBYBOOTS.com we know the difficulty of finding high quality unique design in a tall top boot.  We have put together a collection of tall tops by our expert designers.

Check out our tall top collection of Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean and Olathe boots.  The best of Mercedes boot companies.

Anderson Bean
Sport rust vamp 16in catsup hot dog top pull holes DB toe cush-n-sole for comfort C heel oxbow composite sole for long wear. This tall top boot is made exclusively for us by Anderson Bean exclusive by talltopboots.com
SKU 6444Reg. Price $359.00 $329.00 On Sale!
Anderson Bean Tag Boar Tall Top
Boar by Anderson Bean Tangerine Orange 16" tall tops stove pipe front scallop in the back Hybrid sole spur shelf long base C heel with pull holes for easy on. This boot is made for everyday wear by some one who has something to do click on the picture for more detail photos Exclusive by Tall top Boots .com
SKU 1553Reg. Price $389.00 $339.00 On Sale!
Anderson Bean Tall Top
Anderson Bean tall top brown vamp called rootbeer yeti with 17" Nephrite kid skin top with collar. This tall top boot is designed by our team and made exclusively for us. It is a sharp looking boot that will stand up to everyday wear on the ranch. Hybrid black sole that is with the black tread across the ball of the foot. Spur rest Exclusive by Talltopboots.com
SKU 1551Reg. Price $429.00 $329.00 On Sale!
Anderson Bean Tall Top
Anderson Bean chocolate volcano vamp 16" orly tan top DB toe A heel made for working everyday This tall top boot is designed by our team for our customers only you will not find this style anywhere else. Exclusive by talltopboots.com
SKU 5160Reg. Price $429.00 $369.00 On Sale!
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Anderson Bean Tall Top
These boots are Grizzly Bear brown with 17" tall top boot DB toe A Heel blue Nova top Hybrid sole they have the rubber tread at the ball of the foot for longer wear. These boots are made for everyday use
SKU 7356Reg. Price $359.00 $329.00 On Sale!
Granite Elephant
17" Tall Granite Safari Elephant with Sangria kidskin 17" top. Wide Square toe long based D heel with spur rest stove pipe in the front and scallop in the back for comfort fit. This tall top boot looks good enough to go out on the town but tough enough to go to work. Natural Hybrid sole for longer wear. Don't let this one jump through your loop it's a keeper. Exclusive by Talltopboots.com
SKU 253535Reg. Price $529.00 $489.00 On Sale!
Mesquite Beezwax Olathe boot
Mesquite beeswax vamp C heel with spur rest cush-n-sole with mid sole and oxbow outer sole for extra heavy work load cutter toe This tall top boot is for the guy that wants to work around livestock. Our favorite leather for everyday work. Exclusive by Talltopboots.com
SKU 251781Reg. Price $349.00 $329.00 On Sale!
Olathe Beezwax
Mesquite Beezwax vamp The best cowboy leather for everyday work. Built with a 16" navy blue top spur rest exclusive by talltopboots.com, tall top boot.
SKU 253531Reg. Price $349.00 $329.00 On Sale!
Brown mule all over 19" tall top R toe D heel men's polo tall top boot has been popular for years.
SKU 6009Reg. Price $349.00 $299.00 On Sale!
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Olathe Boot
Chocolate horse vamp and 17 in bone soft top U toe C heel saddle vamp and leather sole with pull holes make this tall top boot a favorite.
SKU 6906Reg. Price $370.00 $310.00 On Sale!
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253714 ls
Olathe Chocolate Latigo
Olathe chocolate latigo vamp on this 16" tall top boot with the new "O" toe it is smaller than the cutter and has an under slung profile. like a hog nose toe. D heel great boot for the guy that wants a more traditional look. This one should last you for work or play it has a a leather sole with a mid sole for longer wear.
SKU 253714Reg. Price $389.00 $299.00 On Sale!
Olathe Boot
Brown mule all over ladies polo boot 17" tall R toe D heel, tall top boot.
SKU 7331Reg. Price $369.00 $310.00 On Sale!
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Olathe Warthog
New Olathe Warthog with 17" soft yellow top and collar cutter toe with d heel and spur rest. Made to work in everyday tough has the deep scallop in the top for easy on and off. Great for the guy with a little bigger calf, tall top boot.
SKU 253769Reg. Price $399.00 $329.00 On Sale!
Rusty N Filthy
Made from Leather called Rusty n filthy these boots come with the well worn look and just get punchier as they age. 16" Aqua silk tops Wide square toe Texas polo heel double stitcch welt and the ever popular smack down sole for longer wear, tall top boot.
SKU 8019Reg. Price $379.00 $329.00 On Sale!
Red Burnished Crazy Horse
Olathe quality made from rust burnished crazy horse vamp and 16" Nephrite kidskin tops wide square toe Texas polo heel double stich welt great look great tall top boot
SKU 8017Reg. Price $399.00 $329.00 On Sale!
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253543-2 - Copy.jpg
Olathe Giraffe
Olathe Safari Giraffe with black 16" stove pipe top and turquoise collar long base C heel spur rest and yes it is giraffe. Can be worn for work or play. A new leather and new style from CBYBOOTS made exclusively for us. Don't pass this one up you won't find these just anywhere. Exclusive by talltopboots.com
SKU 253543Reg. Price $429.00 $399.00 On Sale!
Anderson Bean Warthog durable hide for workin, ridin, walkin, playin. Db toe spur rest d heel and hybrid sole. With neoprene, mid sole for added protection. Tall Top Boot.
SKU 7357Reg. Price $449.00 $329.00 On Sale!
7355 LEFT.jpg
Warthog Anderson Bean
Anderson Bean Warthog 17" tall red top stove pipe in front scallop in the back g heel this boot is made for the guy that wants a tall top with a low walking heel. For work or play.
SKU 7355Reg. Price $449.00 $329.00 On Sale!
anderson bean chocolate pig
Anderson Bean chocolate pig vamp with kid skin 16" top, spur rest, square toe, made to work in everyday.it has the highbrid sole with nitrene mid sole for better protection against hard use. flatter heel for foot work great boot give it a try
SKU 0845Reg. Price $379.00 $299.00 On Sale!
Olathe tall top boot
Olathe Smooth Ostrich
Made with antique saddle smooth quill Ostrich vamp 17" black soft top with collar to top off this great looking stove pipe tall top boot. C heel spur rest and cushion insole for comfort Cutter toe great boot made exclusively for CBYBOOTS if you like them you better order they will not last long exclusive by Talltopboots.com
SKU 253530Reg. Price $389.00 $329.00 On Sale!
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